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Vladimir Escorts | Book Online | Bahamas Escorts | Rates


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Vladimir Escorts are unique, engaging and beautiful women, offering a wonderful, enthusiastic experience to all of our clients. Our rates start at 200 USD for the initial hour and we are easily the most affordable Escort Agency in the Bahamas. Of course, with our carefully chosen and verified women, you get the best service, making Vladimir Escort Agency the best value Escorts in the Bahamas.

Travel Expenses


In addition to the hourly charge, please note that transport is extra, and is a fixed fee depending on your location. To ensure absolute discretion of our service, our Escorts use taxis to travel to and from your location. Arrival by taxi attracts much less attention than a driver and car, and that allows the Escorts' visit to be far more discreet.


Our fixed rates for transport is between 30 USD and 50 USD each way. We feel this is a price worth paying for such an inconspicuous service. By having a separate transport charge, we also believe that we are able to offer a clearer, transparent pricing structure that is based first on the Bahamas Escort you prefer, and then the exact location you are at. In this way, we can keep our rates affordable and provide the best value Escorts, the Bahamas has to offer.

Bahamas Escort rates also vary depending on the service desired. For exact rates, contact our friendly team at +1-305-600-5706 or email us at to request a rate or discuss any special requests you may be looking for.


Furthermore, to complete our commitment to providing the best escorting service, for your convenience, we currently accept Bitcoin, Zelle bank transfers and Cash. 

Vladimir Escorts - Etiquette Tips

Vladimir Escorts | Book Online | Bahamas Escorts | Etiquette Tips
Vladimir Escorts | Book Online | Bahamas Escorts | Etiquette Tips

Before the Escorts Arrival

Throughout the years, we have been fortunate to have consistently provide our services to professional men who follow basic etiquette tips. If you are a gentleman that’s a bit nervous on what to expect, don’t worry. Below, are etiquette tips to ensure there aren’t any mishaps or embarrassing moments when you book one of our lovely Escorts.

The most important tip all clients must adhere to before an Escorts arrival, is their personal hygiene. Our Escorts have a high standard of hygiene, therefore we encourage all of our clients to ensure they attend to their personal hygiene before the Escorts arrival.

Another tip is to prepare the Escorts fee for her upon her arrival. We do not recommend wasting time scrabbling for the fee amount during the date. That precious time wasted could have been well spent enjoying every minute of entertainment our Escorts has to offer.

The Escorts Arrival

As the saying goes, “early is on time and on time is late”. Please expect our Escorts to arrive 5-7 minutes early before the booking time. You will also be notified via text or call upon her arrival.


Once the Escort arrives, she will meet you with a warm smile and cater to your needs during the date. Our Escorts have great personalities and will make you feel at ease during your experience.

End of Booking

After the end of the booking, you do not have to worry about the Escorts travels. A driver will be present to safely return her home after the end of the booking.


If at any point you feel the need to extend your date, kindly notify us 15 minutes before the end of the booking so we may confirm the Escorts extended hours and rates.

Three Things You Learn From Dating A Vladimir Escort

Vladimir Escorts | Book Online | Bahamas Escorts | Three Things You Learn From Dating a Vladimir Escorts

Dating A Bahamas Escorts

Clients whom choose to book a Vladimir Escort live a luxury lifestyle and demand only the best. We take pride in being the number one Escort Agency in the Bahamas catering to successful men - and couples - who value the time and money.

The most common attribute that we find among our clients is intelligence, open mindedness and a strong desire to be surrounded by a beautiful woman. These common attribute are why many of our clients say they’ve learned a few things from dating a Vladimir Escort.

Here are the top 3 things you learn from dating

1. Boundaries


All Vladimir Escorts have boundaries during their dates, and none of them are shy in informing their clients. The little things they do in regards to boundaries showcases the amount of respect they have for themselves and for the future clients.

2. Respecting a Woman’s Time


An hour booking does not always turn out to be an hour booking. Many of our clients happily enjoy the time with our Escorts and would occasionally request additional hour about 15 minutes before the end of their booking. In the presence of a professional and beautiful woman, you understand the high demand of clients she has and you learn to value and respect her time.

3. Enjoying Life


Our high energy Bahamas Escorts make you feel an adrenaline rush like no other. It one of the main reasons we are the most sought after Escort agency in the Bahamas.

Vladimir Escorts | Book Online | Bahamas Escorts | Verified Escorts

Verified Escorts

Located on the beautiful island of Nassau, Vladimir Escort Agency is the number one choice for professional, discreet Escorts in the Bahamas. We specialize in providing the very best, beautiful Bahamas Escorts who love their work and value your companionship.

We are a true agency, and every lady on our site has been fully vetted to ensure that your experience is never compromised. Escorts from Vladimir are professional in everything they do, providing a discreet, memorable service for our discerning clients. We maintain strict standards for our Bahamas Escorts, so you can book with confidence, knowing that with Vladimir Escort Agency, you have a safe, trustworthy service that makes your time here just that bit more special.


To ensure photos are up-to-date, the Escorts photographs are all created in-house and a no older than 3 months so you may rest assure that they lady you see is the lady you meet, every time. This allows us to be confident of the service we offer and the Bahamas Escorts we employ.

As an added assurance to our clients, we pay for all our Escort’s flights and housing and arranging all aspects of the meeting once booked. Not only does this approach provide our clients with trust in the service, it gives our Bahamas Escorts more time to focus on your experience instead of the logistics of getting to you.


With Vladimir Escort Agency, your experience will always be second to none, offering a punctual, enthusiastic and memorable experience. We take the time to ensure each Bahamas Escort is exactly as described, maintain standards of service and experience that cannot be matched. If you want to spend time with an Escort in Bahamas, then here at Vladimir Escort Agency, you will find the perfect companion.

Discreet International Escorts

Vladimir Escorts | Book Online | Bahamas Escorts | Discreet International Escorts
Vladimir Escorts | Book Online | Bahamas Escorts | Discreet International Escorts

Everything Arranged For You

Our international escorts enjoy your company for many different types of events. Whether you are going out to a fancy restaurant, having a private, intimate encounter, planning a bachelor party or attending any sort of event. Take a trip into the city for sightseeing, schedule a getaway weekend or even book a week-long holiday. Besides being a fabulous travel companion, she is a delightful source for your pleasure.

Upon request, everything can be organized, planned and completely booked for your discreet intimate  encounter. Every last detail will be arranged for you. Our international escorts know exactly how to make you feel confident and relaxed. Every date with a Vladimir girl is a dream date. You can rely on us to organize the best restaurant, the hottest bar, and her favourite luxury hotel.

International Escorts Know How to Be Discreet

Discretion is exceptionally important. Neither the client nor the escort want anyone else to figure out what is actually the situation. It may be that the staff at a restaurant see a gorgeous, young woman having dinner with an older man. But still, it is part of the escort's job to create the illusion for everyone that it is just a normal date. Many clients find that they are a little uncomfortable for a few minutes, but soon they relax and just enjoy the experience. Well, much like... a date!

Discreet Public Behavior

Etiquette says, no kissing at the restaurant. No groping under the table, either. A classy kiss on the hand or the cheek is just fine. It is quite likely you will be accompanied by the most beautiful woman in the room, but she won’t wear revealing clothes in public. That, she saves until afterwards!

Vladimir International Escorts are absolutely discreet. Never worry about a thing! Call or contact us today to schedule your time with a fabulously sensual, yet discreet girl of your dreams.

Top Restaurants To Take Vladimir Escorts

Vladimir Escorts | Book Online | Bahamas Escorts | A Dinner Date with a Vladimir Escort

A Dinner Date with a Vladimir Escort

Our wonderful ladies are great company in all situations, so if you are on a trip to Nassau, why not take your Bahamas escort to one of the best restaurants, enjoy a great meal and interesting conversation? Of course, when you have such a beautiful lady to spend time with, going out and seeing the looks of others as you walk together is a great boost for the ego too!

Escorts in Bahamas are happy to spend time with you wherever you go, but to make the evening special, it is always nice to take your date to the best places to eat. Here are our top choices that your Vladimir Escort will love:



Found right in the heart of the old town next to Government House, an impressive colonial mansion with exceptional Bahamas cuisine in intimate and quiet surroundings. The perfect place to get to know escorts in Bahamas, and with award winning wines to offer, a great way to set the mood for a romantic evening.

Summer Palace


An hour booking does not always turn out to be an hour booking. Many of our clients happily enjoy the time with our Escorts and would occasionally request additional hour about 15 minutes before the end of their booking. In the presence of a professional and beautiful woman, you understand the high demand of clients she has and you learn to value and respect her time.

Tiki Bikini Hut


For something more relaxed, the Tiki Bikini Hut is located right on Junkanoo Beach, and in the evening you get the beautiful views across the beach to the water beyond, a truly romantic setting perfect for an intimate dinner for two. With live music and great food, it’s a great choice for a date that Vladimir Escorts love.

Lukka Kairi

Found in the old harbor, Lukka Kairi serves amazing food, modern interpretations of traditional Bahamian dishes. The food is interesting itself, but the surroundings, with live bands accompanying your meal and the view out over the harbor make this a great spot to take escorts in Bahamas any time.

Café Matisse

If Italian food is your choice, then Café Matisse is the restaurant to take Bahamas escorts on your date. With numerous Matisse prints on the walls, the restaurant provides a wonderful, relaxed evening to get to know your date. If you prefer, sit outside on the veranda and watch the world go by as you enjoy a choice of exquisite Italian cuisine. Another wonderful place to spend an evening with a Vladimir Escort.

Escorts for Bachelor Parties

Vladimir Escorts | Book Online | Bahamas Escorts | Escorts for Bachelor Parties
Vladimir Escorts | Book Online | Bahamas Escorts | Escorts for Bachelor Parties

The Best Escorts for Bachelor Parties in Nassau

The invitation extended to escorts for bachelor parties has a long tradition of fun! The groom and his buddies head off to a hotel suite arranged by the best man. Now, if you are that best man, here’s the information you need!

Now, we’re assuming you’re not planning just a get stupid drunk and slip-some-cash-into-any-stripper’s-g-string bachelor party, so here’s how you do it up right.

Step #1 Decide Where to Hold the Bachelor Party

Some hotel rooms are big enough, but sometimes a suite is just better. Having a bedroom door that can be closed during the “action” makes some grooms more comfortable. Mostly, it is about having enough room so all the groomsmen, the rest of the guys you invited, and the escorts can move about freely. No point in squeezing everybody in, so there is no room for a strip tease or some slooooooow dancing!

Step #2 How to Book Escorts for Bachelor Parties


Check the Vladimir Escorts web-page for available escorts in the Nassau area. If your groom has a particular “type”, you can specify whatever you feel will thrill him the most. Decide how many girls you want, too. Escorts for Bachelor Parties usually come at least as a pair, but many bachelor parties go all out! Many times, smaller groups even make sure there is more than one girl each! The girls all have routines worked out so you can see their private shows. State your preferences, or ask them to do what they like best. One thing is for sure, they never disappoint!

Step # 3 – Wait for the Date

Whatever plans you make, the hardest part is often waiting for the date! These fun and exotic escorts for bachelor parties know how to have a good time! The anticipation is incredible. Of course, the party is fabulous, and the memories last a lifetime!

Vladimir Escorts | Book Online | Bahamas Escorts | Colombian Escorts

Colombian Escorts

A Day in Her Life​

Breakfast went well. One of her favorite restaurants, and the eggs bennie is always fab there! A terrific cup of Colombian coffee made her think of her home country. As one of the Colombian escorts with Vladimir Escorts, she is pleased with how her life is going.

The company of men has always intrigued her. Dancing. Eating. Talking. Sex. Men fascinate her. She loves how you enjoy her. She loves to give pleasure. This is all her idea of the best time, ever!

What She Does All Day

She is happy to be here in Nassau, studying environmental studies at the University of the Bahamas. The biodiversity is incredible here. The ocean water excites her in every way. She loves to swim and snorkel to watch the undersea life! She has a collection of bikinis in every color and style. In fact, shopping for bathing suits is one of her favorite hobbies. She loves to do private bathing suit fashion shows, too.

Naturally outspoken since she was a child on environmental issues, she passionately engages in her studies. Her 2 classes today are a couple of her favorites, but she will have some homework to do tomorrow.


But for tonight, a party! She has a special super slinky dress picked out for the night club and is really looking forward to spending more time with her new friend. She even spent extra time on her toe nails because she hopes to be dancing without shoes, maybe not at the night club, but for sure afterwards.

Colombian escorts in Nassau are pretty popular. Many times she is asked to speak Spanish, or dance her slinky Salsa dances. She gets hot just thinking about it.


If you would like to spend time with a Colombian escort, just Contact Us and she will come right over.