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Colombian Escorts: A Day in Her Life

It’s early, and her alarm has not gone off yet. Her first class isn’t for another 2 hours. Time for a leisurely shower with her fancy new shower head, and a nice breakfast. She’ll have breakfast with a new client today. They’ll go out to a night club tonight, and spend some alone time after that. But, it’s nice to meet for breakfast to get to know each other a bit, first.

Breakfast went well. One of her favorite restaurants, and the eggs bennie is always fab there! A terrific cup of Colombian coffee made her think of her home country. As one of the Colombian escorts with Vladimir Escorts, she is pleased with how her life is going.

The company of men has always intrigued her. Dancing. Eating. Talking. Sex. Men fascinate her. She loves how you enjoy her. She loves to give pleasure. This is all her idea of the best time, ever!

Colombian Escorts – What She Does All Day

She is happy to be here in Nassau, studying environmental studies at the University of the Bahamas. The biodiversity is incredible here. The ocean water excites her in every way. She loves to swim and snorkel to watch the undersea life! She has a collection of bikinis in every color and style. In fact, shopping for bathing suits is one of her favorite hobbies. She loves to do private bathing suit fashion shows, too.

Naturally outspoken since she was a child on environmental issues, she passionately engages in her studies. Her 2 classes today are a couple of her favorites, but she will have some homework to do tomorrow.

But for tonight, a party! She has a special super slinky dress picked out for the night club and is really looking forward to spending more time with her new friend. She even spent extra time on her toe nails because she hopes to be dancing without shoes, maybe not at the night club, but for sure afterwards.

Colombian escorts in Nassau are pretty popular. Many times she is asked to speak Spanish, or dance her slinky Salsa dances. She gets hot just thinking about it.

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