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How Long to Book with an Escort in Nassau

A Guide to Exceptional Escort Experiences in Nassau

Every experience with an escort in Nassau is absolutely unforgettable! The romantic tropics, luxury hotel and incredibly sensual girls make for an experience second to none. But, how long do you need? This is one of the most common questions we are asked. You have to make that decision for yourself, so here’s some things to keep in mind.

What is Your Objective?

Okay, well, we know in a general sense what the objective is. That’s not the question here! Meeting with a deliciously sexy escort in Nassau has one main objective, for sure. But if every encounter was the same, the amount of time would never be different.

Remember that many times an escort in Nassau is a guest who accompanies you to a party, a meal, a gathering or a night club. If that is the case, that time needs to be added to the times outlined here. These are only the booking times for the private encounter.

A Quickie – Half An Hour

If you are looking for a quick, physical release, then a half hour is probably enough. Assuming you only last 15 minutes or so, a half hour appointment might be sufficient. The problem? Very few high class escorts offer a half hour session. A truly talented girl engages in some friendly conversation, fascinating foreplay, and a bit of dirty fun! So, although you may have read about a quickie, that’s not usually what men visiting Nassau want.

The Sweet Spot – An Hour

An hour gives you enough time to have some terrific conversation, memorable foreplay, mind blowing sex, and even a second go round!

The Extra Shot – 2 Hours

A couple of hours builds on the 1 hour sweet spot. The difference is likely about 2 possible differences. With 2 hours you have time for a drink or a coffee beforehand. Allowing for more chemistry and less pressure at the beginning. The second difference is your recovery time for the second go round. If you want a bit more time to recover without feeling any pressure, a 2 hour slot is a better choice.

Advice for Exceptional Escort Experiences in Nassau

Start with a 1 hour booking. If you feel rushed or want to add to the experience, book 2 hours the next time. One way or another, you will have a mind-blowing time with your escort in Nassau. Call or Contact Us today to book your unforgettable hour with an escort in Nassau!

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